Thursday, March 01, 2007

More analysis, gossip, leftism, Anglocentricity and humour

That's what you've told me you want to see on this blog, according to my Blog Questionnaire which has now closed. However all the categories I listed got a smattering of votes, suggesting to me that readers appreciate the current range of subject matter covered here.

The full wish-list in order of popularity was:

More in depth political or policy analysis - 48 votes
More gossip or humour - 32 votes
More stuff about journalism and blogging - 30 votes
More coverage of Labour politics - 30 votes
More coverage of the English Question - 28 votes
More coverage of Tory politics - 20 votes
More coverage of Lib Dem politics - 17 votes
More interactive stuff eg polls - 15 votes
It's fine just the way it is! - 15 votes
More stuff about Christian issues - 14 votes
More non-political stufff eg sport, telly - 11 votes
More personal stuff about yours truly - 9 votes

So all in all, it suggests that I've got things about right in trying to make this a blog that majors in left-of-centre political analysis coupled with a fair amount of coverage of the "English Question" and the media world.

I'm not going to give up the occasional forays into more personal stuff though. This is my online diary as well as a platform for serious political commentary, and that's the way it will stay.

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skipper said...

Paul(still in Oz) I didn't vote in your questionnaire but had I done so would have been a firm 'keep it as it is' person.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

You can't be surprised that the results are all over the place, this is the blogsphere after all.

I visit the site because it well constructed IMHO, and it is not the site of that tory git Guido.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a very New Labour kind of consultation...

Disillusioned and Bored said...

Not sure if you've used a Nintendo Wii, but check out my political Mii competition. I've taken a crack at the party leaders.


James Higham said...

...I'm not going to give up the occasional forays into more personal stuff though...

Paul, I'm sorry but I don't think you can read all that much into your poll. I'd venture to say that most respondents, by definition, are interested also in political issues.

The type of people who like the personal stuff are not always of the button pushing variety. I was one of the nine.

Paul Linford said...


It may look that way but you are wrong. If my survey had shown that 80pc of my readers wanted more stuff about the Tories, for instance, then I might have decided that lengthy pieces about the deputy leadership contest and Gordon's putative Cabinet were not necessarily a good idea.

Anonymous said...


More analysis, gossip, leftism, Anglocentricity and humour

That would make a brilliant LP title!