Thursday, March 15, 2007


UK Daily Pundit has long been one of my favourite blogs but it has really excelled itself in recent days. Last November, it reported that Shadow Home Secretary David Davis was on the point of resigning. Now he's apparently on the verge of taking over as Tory leader.

I've never quite worked out whether the Pundit is the blogging equivalent of the newspaper racing hack who tips every horse in the Grand National in the run-up to the race so he can say he backed the winner - or whether the entire blog is an elaborate spoof on dead tree political commentary and its tendency to make outlandish predictions about the fates of individual politicians.

Probably a bit of both...!

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The Daily Pundit said...

I can't say too much about the David Davis 'resigning' post back in November. What I can say however is that a week or two after, the two Davids had a private meeting where it was agreed that David Cameron would provide some "real grit". This defused the situation.

Anonymous said...

Paul, your last two posts illustrate the worst aspects of some of your blogosphere peers - flame wars that nobody else cares about and bizarre, if entertaining, speculation. (If Cameron actually does go, I'll apologise).
I think many of us turn to your blog as it successfully keeps free of both vices.