Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is Quentin Letts taking the piss?

I had a fair amount of time for Quentin Letts in my Lobby days - unlike Michael White I did not regard him as a shifty little cunt - but it has to be remembered that he is (a) a Tory, and (b) someone whose writing is often deliberately tongue-in-cheek.

So when I saw his piece in The First Post about the possibility of Jack Straw becoming Prime Minister, I was immediately somewhat suspicious.

Was the ever-mischievous Mr Letts flying a kite in the hope that someone, somewhere might come up with some interesting reasons why Jack might not be as suitable a candidate as he might appear?

Henry G and Alex commenting on the story today on Political Betting, seem to think so...

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Anonymous said...

What White wrote was 'total cunt', which would in some circles no doubt be taken as a term of endearment.

James Higham said...

Jack did do very well on the burquas issue and he is a doctor, after all. Still, my money is on the Chipmunk - she'd be wonderful for the party.

stalin's gran said...

Can I have some of what James Higham is on? I agree, Michael White is a shifty cunt. And a patrician wanker to boot.

Anonymous said...

A doctor? I thought he was a barrister and special adviser before he became an MP.

Anonymous said...

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