Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kilfoyle backs Denham

Peter Kilfoyle has become the first MP to publicly back a John Denham leadership bid following my post on the matter last week, correctly identifying the point that any serious challenge to Gordon Brown needs to come from the "sensible left" of the party and not the uber Blairite right as Milburn, Clarke, Field and Co are clearly advocating.

Unfortunately, according to blogging MP Tom Watson, he won't be standing, and neither will David Miliband. At this stage, it's looking like Milburn might be forced into that kamikaze challenge after all.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Some questions: What is not "sensible" about the following.
1.Not spending £76billion on Trident renewal
2.Increasing the minimum wage
3.Rewarding public sector workers instead of punishing them with derisory wages and pay cuts.
4 Withdrawing troopsd from bloody war in Iraq, saving thousands of lives.
Peter Kilfoyle wastes Guardian space bigging up a candiate who, er. sn't actually going to stand. Harry Barnes wants it to be Peter Hain but he's not standing either. When are they gpoingto get it? My preferred choice would in reality be Robin Cook but, sadly, I don't think that's going to happen either.
Your punditry is way out.And the phrase "sensible left" equally meaningless.
The above very sensible policies are all being advocated by John McDonnell, no loony leftie or whatever hackneyed phrase you wish to use. He's already backed by thousands of ordinary members and trade unionists, has a sleaze-free, impeccable record on everything from Iraq to trade union rights.He even made the front page of yesterday's daily Mirror.
In all this speculation, remember it's the electoral college which actually decides, not Middle England.Even Martin Kettle acknowledges in today's Guardian that it could happen. John denham can't just,like David Cameron, come out of nowhere and win mass support. The Labour Party structure simply doesn't allow for that.