Monday, September 18, 2006

A musical interlude

Ever since I first heard them more than 20 years ago, I have been a huge fan of the massively underrated British band Prefab Sprout. Their main man, Paddy McAloon, is in my opinion the greatest songwriter these islands have produced since John Lennon and the relative lack of commercial success achieved by the band in its 1985-1990 heyday remains, to me, bewildering.

The same cannot be said of Massive Attack. They deservedly enjoyed huge commercial and critical success throughout the 90s and most informed observers rate their 1991 single, Unfinished Sympathy, as one of the greatest dance records of all time.

So it was partly in order to win a fresh audience for a forgotten Sprout classic, and partly as a bit of fun, that my friend David Gladwin and myself set about putting together a mash-up that brings together these two great bands.

The result, "Unfinished Jesse James Sympathy" by Massive Sprout can now be heard on the Prefab Sprout fansite by clicking HERE and scrolling down to the bottom of the Miscellaneous section.

The remix is credited to The Party, a musical outfit consisting of Dave and myself that has been dormant since a frenetic burst of activity in the summer of 1990, when we had the bright idea of mixing Bulgarian plainsong with dance beats. A year later, Enigma did the same thing and had a number one album.

I guess most of us have a story about how we were nearly famous. Well, that's mine.

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Anonymous said...

You are famous, mate - you're a Top Ten blogger!

Anonymous said...

Rochdale Conservative Club, November 1993. Refused to stand for the National Anthem, accidentally knocked the bingo ball machine over and broke my top string during Johnny B Goode. It finished my career.

BTW, congratulations on your listing in Iain's blogging guide. Richly deserved. Now what were you saying about Bulgarian folk music...........

Anonymous said...

Hot dog, jumpin' frog, Albeqerque...

Nik Hewitt said...

It's better than my claim to fame, I used to own Alexi Sayles fridge ;-)